Brooke Bryan 1

So, you may or may not know what BAJB stands for, its actually my initials ‘Brooke Anthony James Bryan’.   I am a web developer from Torquay now living and working in Portsmouth.  I am the lead developer at Just Develop It and Intellichat, both internet companies providing solutions for a wide range of customer needs.

While still at school, I was running a web based company called Krystal Solutions. The Krystal days really got me thinking about turning the internet as a business, instead of just a place to communicate, find information and share information.  In my first blog post, I also mention a few of my earlier projects which got me into the web.

After Krystal, I ran Lucid Computers, which after a few months merged with another local IT company in Torbay named Titan Computing. We were all very committed to providing a great service to everyone we could, fixing the majority of computers within the area and providing software and hardware solutions for many businesses.  Titan enjoyed great media coverage, we appeared on ITV and BBC Breakfast news as well as adverts in the local paper every day and radio advertising.  The company was growing at an amazing speed, and shortly before selling the business we aquired our first shop on the highstreet.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, if you do, please comment on any of my posts, its always nice to get feedback :)