Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Exception 12

Over the past week I have been learning and working with Zend Framework on a new site im creating, 20DollarBanners.com.  Everything has been working great all week on my windows machine, and I thought it was about time to upload to one of our live web servers for testing.  As with most sites, as soon ...

IE6 – Upgrade or be forgotten 2

IE 6 is definitely the most painful browser for developers and designers to support – it’s seven years old and doesn’t even fully support the CSS 1.0 standard created in 1996. We are now in the age of Web 2.0; CSS, Ajax, JavaScript and Transparent PNGs are all becoming more popular and required to make ...

Hello, World

Keeping it traditional, I thought I would start my blog with the famous “Hello, World” text, the output many people produce from their first experiences with programming languages. At the age of about 12 on a ‘Windows’ PC in my bedroom, I started my life on the web, playing about with space backgrounds in frontpage and ...
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