Hello, World

Keeping it traditional, I thought I would start my blog with the famous “Hello, World” text, the output many people produce from their first experiences with programming languages.

At the age of about 12 on a ‘Windows’ PC in my bedroom, I started my life on the web, playing about with space backgrounds in frontpage and horrible sounds and fonts.  At the age of 16, I had my first hosting company.  Back in the day when 100Mb was a lot of web space, I had 20meg.co.uk, which offered 20Mb of FREE Web Space (You can see the remains of it on the WayBack Machine here).  20Meg was, at the time part of the “Just Bring It Home Network!”, which all theses years on is still with me in the new “Just” network – “Just Develop It“.

I will keep my blog updated as often as I can with source code, life in the world of Just Develop It, my desire to burn all Apple Macs and upgrade all IE6 users to the world of the living.