BAJB.Net iPhone Wallpaper

When I have a mind block programming, Photoshop is usually just around the corner.  I put together a quick wallpaper based on the mascot from Grab A Mascot for my iPhone.  It makes a nice change from the earth or some leaves.  Apple should really think about releasing some new wallpapers for their iphone as standard, and maybe a few GOOD ring tones wouldn’t go a miss.  I guess its to make you pay for ringtones on iTunes.  The iphone seems to come with nothing these days, I even had to buy a new Dock becuase they conveniently rounded the back of the phone to ensure the new phone does not fit in the old dock.  Now they either have some evil marketing guys or don’t think about their users when developing new devices.  Talking about the compatibility issues, my in-car-charger which worked perfectly with my original iPhone is now unsupported.  A CHARGER!  Do they actually think about anything?

Anyway, my wallpaper:

iPhone wallpaper

Sorry for getting side tracked.