JDI Friday Feature

Being the first friday in the month, I thought I should introduct a new item to the development room.  We now have the ‘Friday Feature’ where we work on a ‘nice to have’ feature for one of our products.  These features will generally be quick bits which add some ‘cool’ to our products.

Just Uptime was the first product to have the JDIFF, and I thought an iPhone site to check the status of all your checks within the system would be pretty cool.  Any Just Uptime user is able to login to the new service which can be found at http://status.justuptime.com, this page can be viewed from any mobile device as well as your web browser, however, it was designed for the iPhone.

The service puts all checks found to be down at the top of the list making it easier for you to spot any problems as and when they come up and the page auto refreshes every 60 seconds.

I took some screenshots of the system so you can see it in action just below.