Intellichat Servers

After putting off the Intellichat migration last week due to issues with the load balancer (we had to order up a new more powerful one), we are finally in the last stages of testing.  I had a little chat with Dan Ushman at Singlehop today and asked him to pop over to the data center to get some pics of all our servers.  Singlehop used to have a great photographer, but he has moved over to London now, so I appologise for Dan’s photography skills but its pretty cool to see the servers for the first time.

We are set to go live within the next 14 hours, so testing is coming to an end and we will be up early in the morning to migrate everything over.  With any luck we are planning for 0% downtime, apart from the 15 minute drop in chats.

I hope you enjoy the pics :)