Iphone 2.1.

I have the wordpress app installed on my phone so thought I should use it to write a post about the iPhone. It may be the best phone ever made but apple being apple have taken it upon themselves to release updates (maybe I should say complete reinstalls when it’s 250meg to download each time) which just make the phone less and less reliable each time.

I have read posts about how the new update made apps more reliable and less call drops. Before I upgraded to 2.0 and 2.1 I didn’t have any of those problems. But now I do. Great one apple. It’s really no wonder that I don’t trust them with my day to day issues I know I can do on a pc.

The best “feature” of all was when my phone decided that it thought I should have a little longer to sleep. The alarm failed to go off to wake me up, I should probably point out that the iPhone was obviously jealous of me sleeping so it took it upon itself to turn itself to sleep (crash).

If you want reliability or usability. Apple products are obviously not your best option. However I will admit they do look good. When it comes down to it, I can live with my phone breaking once a week, but a computer? Ill stick to pc thanks.