A Vision to Success

From a very young age, everyone has an imagination.  Seeing a spoon of food infront of you, full of the most horrible thing in the world (probably mash potato) you really dont want, and refusing to eat it. Suddenly, your mum, or dad makes the noise of a train and your mouth is a tunnel.  You eat whatever was on the spoon and forgot that you didn’t want it.  Without your imagination, you would just have looked at your parents in horror of what they were trying to do to you, and not given up.  Our imagination is the thing that drives us to conjure up wild ideas.

Back at school, most people have a vision of what they want to do when they grow up.  Some people grow up doing exactly what they wanted to do when they were in school, some people change their mind when they have new experiences, from a new lesson at school, or a hobby you may have.  Being able to stick to your vision is the one thing you need to make sure you achieve your goal.

Every time I have a new project, I have a vision of where that project is going to be in 5 years time.  Being able to see that project years down the line gives you your goal, where you want that project to end up.  As with any goal, you need to know how to get there, you need to make a map to its success, in your head, on paper, or on a whiteboard, it really doesnt matter as long as you have a plan.  Without your vision, you cannot begin to think about the things involved.  If you take facebook as an example, Mark Zuckerberg saw facebook as a website that would revolutionise social networking, he didn’t start the facebook project thinking, its a great tool for my friends to use, he knew it would be big, it was just a matter of time and commitment.  Looking at facebook today, you can see Mark’s vision became a reality, and he will always be extending the horizon of his vision, afterall, as soon as you reach your goal, you always want more.  Don’t you?

If you want to succeed, make sure you keep your vision on the horizon and don’t let anything stand in your way or sidetrack you.  The last thing you want is for your vision to be clouded and years down the line you never achieved what you setout to get, and you are back to square one.  Make your plan, work all the hours you have to make sure it works.  The hard work will pay off, and you will be greatful you stuck to your plan, your vision.

Did you have a vision 5 years ago, looking ahead to where you wanted to be now.  Did you make it?  did you change your plan?

Having a vision will only get you so far, you need to work hard at it to achieve your goals and to make your vision reality.